DIY Double Glazing or Professional Work?

DIY Double Glazing or Professional Work?

Double Glazing Windows: DIY or HIRE?

DIY Double Glazing or Professional Work?It is not so strange these days for homeowners to install double glazing windows themselves. Since there are so many furniture pieces in the market or some ready-made home fixtures that are easy to install at home, more and more people became DIY enthusiast.

This is because most often, 70 to 80 percent of home improvements are labor and the rest are spent for raw materials; which means that if a homeowner can install the windows himself, he can save up to 80% of the installation cost.

But basic knowledge on building and installing furniture won’t cut for double glazed windows installation. This is because these are no ordinary windows. There is the insulation factor to consider aside from the raw materials or the frame.

The windows must not leak keeping the air inside its panels. Any tiny hole will render these windows useless as energy saver and will not do anything to help in saving energy cost in the long run.

That is why, unless you are an expert, it is best to leave double glazing windows installation to the professionals. You can find the professionals here: